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Divine Direction- A Gateway To Success

In some of my previous posts, I’ve shared with you some of the secrets of success and I shall be giving you another secret of success via this post which is divine direction.

The truth remains that God will not do anything without you and you can’t do anything without Him. So until you desire to be led by God you won’t be led by Him. To be assured of your success, you need to walk by God’s leading because there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof, are the ways of death and ultimate failure.

To be led by God you need to be born again, live righteously, love God and also believe in the leading of the Holy Spirit which is inside of you even as you exercise yourself into being in the spirit- “I was in the spirit in the Lord.s day, and I heard behind me a voice”{Revelations 1:10}

To be in the spirit, you ought to do more of spiritual exercises such as prayer, praise, meditation, bible study and practical holiness.

Prayer is not talking to God but communicating with God. This entails you speaking to God and also hearing and understanding Him. So, whenever you are done telling Him your needs, take some time to try to listen(SPIRIT MEDITATION). This is when you stay in quietness with your eyes close in order to get full concentration. You’re always going to hear from God because God’s spirit is a speaking spirit. Most times what I do is, I close my bible and with my eyes closed, I just open any page and something I need always shows up and most times, so many things my show up at a time, all I do is I do it two more times and the Lord’s will always be seen. This is not guess work. Whenever God speaks, you need no form conviction to believe.

The good news is that, there are so many ways God can use in speaking to you, they are:

VISION: At times, this comes in mp3 format while at some other times, it comes in an mp4 format. It’s free to access, your credit card details are not needed. All you need is the password which I’ve given to you earlier in this post. John heard a voice in revelation 1:10 and then saw the voice in vs12.

TRANCE: This is just like a short sleep of few seconds where images and words just happen to you quickly.

DREAM: When you’re asleep, your body is as good as dead but your spirit remains active. Ordinarily, you can always dream all manner of things but on the day you decide to hear from God through your dreams, you will realise that your dream pattern will change dramatically especially when you’re living in holiness and continuously meditating on God’s word(before sleeping).

BIBLE: The bible is God’s word. So many people have read the bible with their names appearing on it’s pages but I tell you, you don’t need to see your name on it before accepting it as God’s word to you in person.

YOUR MIND: There are times when you need impromptu answers from God, if you’re really a son or by His mercies, ideas and data just drop on you. Please do not call it common sense. -“And ye shall hear a voice from behind you, saying. This is the way, walk ye in it…”{Isaiah 30:21}

The place of divine direction should never be left out by anyone who wants to experience true success as the surest way of getting to your destination in life, is to follow someone who knows the way. So, it’s time you made the choice to stop failing by following the right leading.

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Vision or Ambition?

Vision is not the same as ambition. Although, ambition can make you a multi-millionaire just as vision can, there are added benefits you tend to enjoy as a visionaire instead of an ambitionaire?
Firstly, in the realm of vision, your safety is guaranteed as well as your success. If you’re working as a visionaire and still going through tough times, it is because, “A great door and effectual is open unto me, but there are many adversaries”{1 Corinthians 16:9}. Your enemies will only try to stop you after perceiving your glorious future but since you’re waking according to God’s purpose for your life, they will never succeed because stopping you, is the same as stopping God.
For every creation, there is a purpose for it and this is only made known in the realm of vision. This is the major reason for failure in life as people resort to their earthly and fleshly ambitions instead of walking according to God’s purpose for them and you know when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.
God once gave Jonah a vision to go into the land of Nineveh to preach but he ran away from it for the satisfaction of his own personal ambitions. This almost led to his death and the death of other innocent travellers because ignoring vision doesn’t only puts you at risks, it also make you a risk. But at the end of the day when he had repented, he was ushered into the realm of sweatless success as he did in one day what could have taken him three days to do. Jonah’s ministry remains one of the most successful because an entire city fasted alongside all the beast in the land due to his ministry.

Don’t you ever underestimate the power of divine agenda because those who hold fast to it are never forsaken.

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Requirements of Vision

The discovery of God’s plan for your life, is not the point of your success in life but rather, it is just the beginning of the journey to success. After the discovery of God’s plan, there are some basic requirements you need in order to convert it into success and they are:

YOU RUN: “…write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” {Habakkuk 2:2} Vision is for runners. If you allow your vision run you, you will be ruined. After the discovery of what God wants you to be, your next duty is to work towards it as an individual with the exceeding grace of God upon your life. In the race of vision, overtaking is allowed. You don’t look at your present condition or those around you to determine when to start running because if you do not start now, you might miss it “…for the vision is yet for an appointed time…”{Habakkuk 2:3}

YOU PLAN: Everybody plans. Even those who are not planning, plan also. Those who fail to plan are planning to fail. After the discovery of your vision, it is now your duty to map out a strategy on how to get there factfully, thoughtfully and prayerfully, hence Jesus said, “Which of you intending to build a tower sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost whether he be able to finish it? Lest happily, after he had laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him.”{Luke 14:28-29}. So if you do not plan, you remain a prank waiting to be laughed at. Until your dream is bigger than you, it is not yours. To plan effectively, you must acknowledge your assets, your liabilities and most importantly the assets of your caller [God]. Bishop Oyedepo said, “If you can think enough, what you have is enough to set out with”.

How To Discover Your Purpose in Life [Catching a Vision Of Who You Are]

Until you locate the purpose of any product, that product will always fail and won’t work for you because a product cannot function efficiently outside what it’s being created for.
To discover what a product is for and how it works, you’ve got to

  • ask the manufacturer,
  • refer to the manual accompanying the product,
  • ask those who know about the product, or
  • you make research.
  • Understand that you’re a product made by the manufacturer, you can’t decide what to become, you discover it. Most persons wouldn’t want to bow to this fact and that’s why they are failing big time but hear me now, you have a maker who said, “…before I formed thee, I knew thee…”{Jeremiah 1:4}. He formed you alone hence, He knows you alone. You are unique and you remain the original copy of who you are regardless the nature of your birth. Your loved ones, teachers or mentors did not make you hence they have no right of telling you who you are. No matter how poor, bad, rejected, or disfigured you’re, your manufacturer has a plan for you, which is “…a thought of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end“{Jeremiah 29:11}. No matter how wicked a manufacturer might be, you don’t expect him to sit down to make something that he expects to fail, how much more your righteous heavenly father.
    You don’t have any rights telling your maker who you want to become or rejecting His purpose for a pot can never be greater than the potter hence He said “woe is he that striveth with his maker”{Isaiah 45:9} for, “…my counsel shall stand and I will do my pleasure”{Isaiah 46:10}

    So, how do you locate your purpose?

    BE BORN AGAIN: This is the first step to discovering your purpose as this gives you a divine connection to God. Please never try to infer that not having a divine connection to God means that He’s no longer your creator.

    PRAY: The scriptures said, “Ask me of things to come concerning my sons and concerning the works of my hands, command ye me”{Isaiah 45:11}

    PRAISE: God lives in praise and when you praise Him He comes down to you. Whenever He’s with you, expect to hear from Him.

    READ THE BOOK:The bible is a very special book from God that can help you discover you. Christ and John the Baptist discovered their purposes via the book. Go and look into that book because until you look into it, no one looks at you.

    READ OTHER ANOINTED BOOKS: Daniel used this and it worked for him-“…I Daniel understood by books…”{Daniel 9:2}. You too can.

    ENGAGING THE HOLY GHOST: “I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh…your young men shall see visions”{Joel 2:28}. A young man is someone with 6 years like Samuel and 100 year’s because they both saw visions between this age range.

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    What is Vision?

    Whenever we hear the word vision anywhere near the church, we are always inclined to thinking of a situation where an anointed individual is sensing or seeing something very unusual but vision is much more than that. In this post, I’m going to be broadening your view about this subject of vision.
    So, what is vision?

    It is the discovery of God’s plan and purpose.

    In my previous post I talked about purpose not being something you decide but something to be discovered and here, we see that there is a huge relationship between purpose and vision because vision is the process of discovering it. Note that there are so many ways of discovering it which I shall be discussing later on. This was the kind of vision that opened up Christ’s ministry here on earth.

    It is an attraction getting event

    After Christ got the vision of God’s purpose for Him, the bible recorded, ‘…the eyes of everyone in the synagogue was fastened upon Him'{Luke 4:20}. Also when Moses got the vision of the burning bush, he said, ‘I must look to see this great sight for the bush burneth without being consumed'{Exodus 3:2} It becomes very difficult for you to be seen, favoured, remembered if you’re yet to see God’s plan and purpose for you.

    It is your thinking

    ‘For as a man thinketh in his heart so is he…'{Proverbs 23:7}. Visions, dreams, and imaginations are some of the most powerful forces on the earth ‘…because it will surely come to pass, it will not tarry{Habakkuk 2:3}. Although Joseph’s vision was delayed for years, it came to pass. Although Caleb and Joshua’s vision of conquest delayed for over 40 years, it still came to pass likewise that of the other 10 spies who envisioned defeat and death.

    It is as far as your eyes can see

    ‘God said unto Abram, lift up thine eyes northward, southward, westward and eastward. For all the land which thou seest shall I give to you and your seeds'{Genesis 13:14-15}. Similarly, God is saying, look from Genesis to Malachi, from Matthew to Revelation and all the boldness, godliness, grace, power, prosperity etc will be yours.

    I hope I’ve been able to help you understand the word vision? All your comments, contributions, question and feedback are welcomed. Please also remember to share with your friends. God bless you.

    Understanding Purpose and God’s Plan

    Thomas Edison invented the electric bulb. He is the manufacturer while the bulb is the product. He didn’t decide to make the electric bulb an electric bulb after forming it, instead, he made the decision before he started the formation process. So, every product has its manufacturer and every manufacturer has a purpose of manufacturing his product. You and I, we are all products manufactured by our manufacturer which is God hence He said, Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee and I ordained thee a…{Jeremiah 1:4}

    So what is purpose?


    Just as in the passage above, God said he had already known you before your birth and had already ordained you for a particular thing which is your purpose.


    “…For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate…”{Romans 8:28-30} Before you were manufactured, God didn’t only know you but He also programmed how you are to be and how He wants you to end in life hence He said, “I know the thoughts that I think towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end“{Jeremiah 29:11} So, before you were born, your end was known to Him.


    “According as he hath chosen us in Him before the foundations of the world”{Ephesians 1:4} He knew you. “Being predestined according to the purpose of Him that worketh all things according to the counsel of His own will” {Ephesians 1:11}He knows how you will end. “For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them”{Ephesians 2:10}

    Purpose is not decided, instead it is discovered.
    A stethoscope can never become an earpiece neither can a microwave become a television. If you do not know what a microwave is, you will always think it to be a television not because you’re a fool but because when the purpose of anything is not known, abuse is inevitable.

    One of the greatest reason (if not the greatest) why people fail is the loss of purpose. If God who manufactured you made you to be a teacher, nothing can ever make you successful in life if you choose to become a doctor.

    In my subsequent posts, I’m going to be talking more about this topic to give you an indepth undertaking of how you need to discover your own purpose, how to run with it and lots more.

    Please do well to drop your own comments via the comment box and tell me what you think about the topic. Your questions are also welcome. Please, also remember to share with your friends. God bless you.

    How To Deal With Masturbation And Pornography

    FLEE FROM EVERY APPEARANCE OF EVIL: What you see determines what you think. Fleeing not just physically but every part of you. Do away with those website, books, pop songs, devilis confessions, movies, devices… also remember to distance yourself from those friends who are not living right because evil communiaction corrupts good manners.

    MAKE PUBLIC RESOLUTIONS: I don’t mean you go telling people about your condition but in times of altar calls in your church, seminars… come out boldly and declare right there to yourself in front of God’s altar that you are done with such additions. Make vows that will keep you in faith and be determined not to go back to your old ways. It takes a lot of courage to come out in public to confess your sins and to receive Christ but it brings the feel of seriousness and genuity hence spuring you to hold fast.

    FORGET IT AND SHUN FEAR: Is it really possible to forget? Yes. Just live your normal life with God and stop thinking you have a problem. This is faith. Interestingly most people can’t stop out of fear of themselves. You no longer trust yourself because you feel so guilty about it-but just move on for Jesus has already overcome for you.
    Say that to the devil and he will flee.

    PRODUCTIVE ENGAGEMENT: Personally I don’t think you enjoy this more than making money or some other things you like. Try to be more engaged in other things and with time you will lose interest. You love the internet so much but it happens to be your main reason for doing this? ok. Why don’t you start a blog & dedicate your time to being useful.

    SPIRITUAL EXERCISES: This is an oppression of the devil and Jesus was called to deliver the oppressed so, call on Him for deliverance. Make kingdom service, fasting, prayer and praising God a lifestyle.

    I hope this was helpful to you. Please share this with your friends and also remember to share or add your views. God bless you as you do so.

    What Is Faith

    THE OPPOSITE OF FEAR: Fear is just a false immagination of danger. If you do not agree with my definition, the bible’s definition might convince you, ”Now faith is the substance of things (not an abstract feeling) hoped for, the evidence of things (not immaginary) not seen”.[Hebrews 11:1]

    AN EYE OPENER: Faith is an eye opener that
    enables one see beyond the physical. Abraham saw himself as the father of many nations even when he was
    still childless. God once said to Abraham, “lift up now your eyes and look from the place where you are… all the land which thou seest to thee will I give it and to thy seed forever”.[Genesis13:15]

    The question here is ‘is it possible for the eyes i
    of a man to see through all the length and breadth of an ordinary city let alone a big country like Israel while standing on a point?’

    We walk by faith and not by siten.

    A SPIRITUAL CONVERTER: Faith is one great converter that is capable of converting prophecies, dreams, visions, promises, the testimonies of others etc into reality in your own life.

    A SPIRITUAL WEAPON: Our Lord Jesus Christ once said ”…if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place: and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you”.[Matthew17:20]
    Examples of common mountains are

  • Mtn Kilomanjaro
  • Mtn Everest
  • Mtn Atlantic ocean
  • Mtn Eathquake
  • Mtn Mr President
  • Mtn Witchcraft
  • Mtn Unemployment
  • Mtn Poverty
  • Mtn Boko Harem
  • Mtn Hiv
  • etc

    Is there any mountain around you? drop their names into the comment box. They are all going to be levelled before you know it in Jesus name. Amen.

    Benefits Of Soul Winning

    I never knew that soul winning had so many benefits until one of my pastors shared some of the benefits with us in church and I shall be using this medium to share them with you. The benefits of soul winning are:

    The divine breakthrough enjoyed here is for both parties. In my church, so many testimonies have been gotten via the platform of soul winning. When Christ went out for soul winning, every of his words had power. This power brought about a net-breaking draught of fishes in the same river that Peter couldn’t catch anything all night.
    We have a fair God who loves fairness and justice. Had it been that Peter didn’t catch anything when Christ asked him to cast his net into the river, he wouldn’t have given his life to Christ and as such, died a sinner. Just try to imagine what would have happened on judgement day if Peter was to say he refused to give his life to Christ because there was no evidence to show that He was Christ. This same thing can happen with you. All you need is to speak and things would just start happening because God wouldn’t want anyone who refuses to give his life to Christ to have a commanding excuse as the one stated above.

    DIVINE BEAUTIFICATION: Most people do not go out for evangelism or for soul winning because of shyness or some minor limitations but the simple truth is that whenever you go out for soul winning{with understanding}, you would be beautified by God just as the bible recorded, ‘And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever'[Daniel 12:3].

    DIVINE PROTECTION: The scriptures says, ‘…Go ye into the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. And these sign shall follow them that believe: in my name shall they cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongue; They shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them and they shall lay their hands on the sick and they shall recover'[Matthew 16:15-18].

    DIVINE HEALTH: Immediately you got born again, that scripture above is being directed to you and as such, you are being seen as a messenger or an ambassador. The bible says, ‘A wicked messenger falleth into mischief: but a faithful ambassador is health'[Proverbs 13:17].

    PRAYER ANSWERS: One of the conditions attached to prayer answers is soul winning- ‘Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and ordained you, that ye should in and bring forth fruit{win souls} and that your fruit remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the father in my name, he may give it you'[John 15:16]

    DIVINE WISDOM: The bible says, he that winneth souls is wise. I do love scriptures which sound like this. It very apt and direct. That passage simply means that if you are able to win souls for christ, whether you like it or not, wisdom has been deposited in you.

    Wow! Soul winning really pays. Start now!!!

    Know of any more benefit? Please add to this post via the comment box. You contributions, comments and questions are welcomed here. God bless you.

    Benefits Of Having Spiritual Gifts

    Have you ever thought of the benefits you tend to enjoy when you spiritual gifts? Have you ever reasoned whether the benefits of having spiritual gifts are only spiritually driven? I have to share this benefits with you to enable you answer every question you have based on spiritual gifts. The benefits of having spiritual gifts are:

    Spiritual gifts has the ability of distinguishing you from others and also from who you were to who you are currently. When the spirit in Elijah rested on Elishah, everyone noticed the difference. Also when the spirit of God came upon Saul, everyone said, ‘…Is Saul also among the prophets?'[ 1 Samuel 10:12]. When the spirit of God came upon the apostles, they became dynamic. Due to the spirit of God in the life of Daniel, ‘he was found ten times better than all the magicians & astrologers that were in the realm'[Daniel 1:20].

    Christianity without spiritual gifts is always boring and it brings about frustrations and backsliding but when you have spiritual gifts, you are being encouraged to do more in order to get more and become better.

    Having spiritual gifts puts you in the position of walking with God.

    YOU BECOME USEFUL: Everyone wants to be and also enjoys being useful in any environment. Just as the hand need the mouth to feed and the leg to walk because it can’t do all these alone, so also anyone with a spiritual gift becomes useful in the church. You might be gifted to lead, teach, prophecy, interpret tongues etc. Your usefulness doesn’t end in the church. Daniel was useful as a politician to different regimes of government because of the gift of wisdom in him. Joseph was also useful to the entire world during the time of famine due to the spiritual gifts in him.

    IT BRINGS ABOUT FRUITFULNESS: When you pray in tongues[a spiritual gift] you get more results. Daniel, Joseph, all the apostles, etc were all fruitful and productive due to the spiritual gifts they had.

    CREDIBILITY: Without spiritual gifts, it becomes very difficult for people to accept you as a born-again christian or even as a pastor. People want to see you prophesy, perform miracles, etc

    FULFILMENT OF DESTINY: Everyone want to become successful in life. Due to the spiritual gift of wisdom, Daniel was a successful scholar and also a politician, Joseph realised his dreams due to the spiritual gift in him.

    I hope this post was helpful. Please feel free to ask questions and also contribute via the comment box. Thanks

    Hinderances To Prayer Answers

    When we pray, we all expect answers but at times we don’t really get the kind of result we want due to certain reasons. This post, discusses some of the reasons why prayers are not being answered:

    SIN: This remains the major reason why people don’t get answers when they pray. The scriptures said, ‘Behold the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither His ear heavy, that It cannot hear; But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid His face from you that He will not hear'[Isaiah 59:1-2]. For your prayers to be answered, you need to ask God for mercy and also live a righteous life because ‘The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much'[James 5:16].

    PRAYING AMISS: God doesn’t give us what we want. Instead, He gives us what we need. Most times, the things you want are those things that are capable of destroying you but God doesn’t want you destroyed and as such, He won’t give those things. The scriptures said, ‘Ye ask and receive not, because ye ask amiss that ye may consume it upon your lust'[James 4:3].

    YOUR HEART: Most people only seek God in times of trouble which means they do not have a perfect heart. The bible said, ‘Draw near unto God and He will draw near unto you,…purify your hearts ye double mined'[James 4:8]. When God views your heart with His Heartometre and sees that you would go back to your sinful ways as soon as He answers you, He would be left no choice other than to turn down your request.

    UNBELIEF: Without faith, it is impossible to please God and if you don’t please God, do not expect anything from Him. The bible recorded, ‘The prayer of faith shall save the sick…and if he had committed sin, they shall be forgiven'[James 5:15], also, ‘And Stephen full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracle among the people'[Acts 6:8].

    UNPAID VOWS AND TITHE: ‘When thou vowest unto God, defer not to pay it. It is better you never vowed than to defer. Suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin, neither say you vowed by mistake wherefore God be angry and destroy the works of your hand'[Ecclesiastes 5:4-6]. ‘Will a man rob God? Ye have robbed me in tithes and in offerings. Ye are cursed with a curse…'[Malachi 3:8-9]. If you don’t pay your tithe, you give the devil opportunity to steal from you through various tribulations but when yours God blesses you.

    I hope all these would help you in building up your prayer life as a christian.

    Know of anymore hinderances? Please drop them in the comment box. God bless you.

    Provoking God’s Rememberance

    When the king remembered, his life change. Everybody wants to be remembered for good at all times because it brings about a change of status. One of the men that was remembered by God is the man named Cornelius. ‘…thy prayers and thy alms are come up for a memorial before God'[Acts 10:4]. The life of Cornelius and his household changed immediately God remembered him for his good deeds. God didn’t remember him just because He wanted to do so but He remembered him because of some certain special qualities that were found in him. Anyone who wants to be remembered by God can easily practice them and be remembered just as Cornelius was remembered. These qualities are:
    PRAYING CONSTANTLY: So many christians are extremely weak in prayer and this always affects the level of results they get. Praying constantly will always provoke God’s attention to be turned to your direction and when this happens, He will send you your angel in due season.

    FEARING GOD: From the scriptures, we learn that Cornelius was a man who feared God and this was one of the reasons why he was remembered. For God to hear you when you pray, you need to fear Him. Fearing Him, is all about having His own will for your life as your priority and also keeping His commandments at all times.

    BEING DEVOTED: When you work diligently for God, He will also remember you for it. There are so many ways of working for God. You can preach His word, belong to a church service unit etc. Being devoted, also implies that you should be a complete christian in terms of how you dress, talk, behave etc.

    GIVING: Giving is another good way of enforcing God’s rememberance. When you give to the poor, pay your tithe and your offerings faithfully, he will always remember you and bless you accordingly in due season.

    I hope all these would help you in your life as a christian. Please if you have any other, please add via the comment box.