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Praise For Divine Light

divine-lightPsalm 89:15
“Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall work, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance.”
Praises attracts the blessedness of God because those who praise him are entitled to His glorious light which engenders lots of benefits attached to it such as divine guidance, protection, supernatural provision and others.
A joyful heart always does better than a medicine.
Those living in joy are always in God and if you are in God, you are bound to excel.
There is a huge difference between joy and happiness. Happiness comes as a result of your enviroment but joy comes from the inside to impact positively on your enviroment. Joy also happens to be one of the fruits of the spirit.
PRAYER: LORD, please endue me with the spirit of joy so that I can praise you at all times no matter what the situation is in Jesus name.



Being tempted doesn’t make you a sinner but it is your giving heed to it that makes you a sinner.
Temptation comes to every christian on daily basis because even # Christ was also tempted on divers occassions.
God doesn’t tempt people to bring them down but God can test you to prove you.
God already knows you and what you are capable of but He proves you so that you may know yourself, which is a prerequisite for preparing you for your next assignment.
If you fail God’s test, He gives you a another chance, no punishment is attract for failure.
God is ready to give a minimum of seven chances because a just man falleth seven times but riseth again.
The devil is the tempter and he tempts you to bring you down.
God doesn’t allow the devil to tempt you beyond your ability to resist, so if you fall, it is your fault.
Whenever you give heed to the devil, punishments are attracted.
Temptation is just like an election where you choose to vote for # God or the devil.

Supernatural Change Of Level

‘Last year,my business collapsed. In order to make ends meet, I started working with my friend who was paying me N20,000. With this N20,000 my tithe was top priority.
Instead of spending my tithe, I would rather trek or wait until transport fare become cheaper, all in the bid to ensure that my tithe was paid regularly.
When Shiloh 2012 sacrifice was called for, I pledge N30,000. I promised God that I was going to redeem my vow with N5,000 monthly.
By January this year, I gave the whole as my first fruit. By June 27, I completed paying my vow and by July 8, my boss fired me for no reason but God removed me for a reason!
By August, the God of turnaround turned my life around. He gave me a supply that made me travel from state to state and from capital to capital! As I was travelling, millions were flowing into my account.
In one week, I bought a Camry car, I bought two plots of land and I became an importer. Right now, as I am speaking, a forty-feet-container is on its way for me! I give glory to God’
-Anem, I. A.

3 Set Of Twins In A Row

‘I joined this commission in 2002, and I have my life to Christ the same year. Before I joined this Commission, I was barren for eight years. I went from one church to another, seeking fruit of the womb, but all to no avail.
When I joined this Commission, God visited me and I delivered a set of twins a boy and a girl. The second time, it was a boy and a girl and the third visit, a boy and a girl.
I have come to Shiloh 2012 to return all the glory to the God of this Commission, Who blessed of with six children’
-Agnes, I.

Supernatural Breakthrough Via Shiloh Sacrifice.

‘I’ve been in this commission for a while, and the last command I struggled to understand was giving!
During shiloh 2012, I came again as usual. We were at the Business Conference, and the Bishop was admonishing us on giving.
This year, I purposed in my heart that I would give my sacrifice in a few million. When I did that, the doors that opened afterwards, if I am to work the way I am working in 50 years, there is no way I can get it!
This year alone, God has giving us three properties: two of them are being developed and the third one is about being developed as I speak.
God also gave us four luxurious buses! To crown it all, in August 15th, at the Queen’s Medical Center in New York, my wife delivered a beautiful baby boy.
As I marvelled at all that God had done for us, I wondered what I would name our baby! Then I remembered something from my local tongue. Oluwadarasimi, I thank God.
– Samuel S. M