Making Your Praises Work For You

Most times, when people praise God in church, they just do it as a normal routine activity or just entertainment but that is not praise. Until you set your heart to impress God and to do it as a way of showing appreciation, you are not doing praise. No matter how sweet your voice is or how fanciful your dance is, God never looks at you.

To praise God
you don’t necessarily have to dance to the tune of the song,
do not look at the people around you,
don’t consider your status whether governor, president etc because one day, you will become ex- whatever you think you are but the God you are praising can never become an ex-God.

Praise is the only thing God cannot give to Himself hence, He honours it whenever you’re giving it to Him.

It might interest you to know that God lives inside praise. When your praise Goes up, He comes down just as He did when Paul and Silas praised Him no wonder there was an earthquake.
The children of Isreal praised Him, He showed up and the wall od Jericho fell.

Prayers puts you incharge but praise puts God incharge.
-“Thou art holy thou that inhabitest(live in)the praises of your people”{Psalms 22:2}.

So now, how do you make your praise work For you?
BE BORN AGAIN: If God live inside praise, do you expect Him to dwell in a sinful environment?

BE MEEK: Meekness is dancing like king David [2 Samuel:20-22]-“Let them praise Him in the dance…He will beautify the meek[dancing SOLDIERlously] with salvation[general deliverance+grace]”{Psalms 149:3-4}

BE THANKFUL: “Enter into His gate with thanksgiving and into His court with praise”{Psalms 100:4}. God doesn’t stay at the gate but before you get to the court where He stays, you need to cross the gate.

BE JOYFUL: In the presence of God, there is fullness of joy.

BE EXPECTANT: Praise is the plural of pray so expect something.


2 thoughts on “Making Your Praises Work For You”

  1. I love your post. Too often we spend time in prayer to GOD asking him for things when all he really wants for us is for us to crawl up into his lap in the quiet stillness of the morning and whisper that we love him. He does inhabit our praises…

    1. thank you very much for you contribution. praise is one activity that makes God emotional like we saw how the people of jerusalem praise our gentle LORD JESUS CHRIST and His heart grew to the extent violence. God’s still ready to bless violently.

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