Making Your Praises Work For You

Most times, when people praise God in church, they just do it as a normal routine activity or just entertainment but that is not praise. Until you set your heart to impress God and to do it as a way of showing appreciation, you are not doing praise. No matter how sweet your voice is or how fanciful your dance is, God never looks at you.

To praise God
you don’t necessarily have to dance to the tune of the song,
do not look at the people around you,
don’t consider your status whether governor, president etc because one day, you will become ex- whatever you think you are but the God you are praising can never become an ex-God.

Praise is the only thing God cannot give to Himself hence, He honours it whenever you’re giving it to Him.

It might interest you to know that God lives inside praise. When your praise Goes up, He comes down just as He did when Paul and Silas praised Him no wonder there was an earthquake.
The children of Isreal praised Him, He showed up and the wall od Jericho fell.

Prayers puts you incharge but praise puts God incharge.
-“Thou art holy thou that inhabitest(live in)the praises of your people”{Psalms 22:2}.

So now, how do you make your praise work For you?
BE BORN AGAIN: If God live inside praise, do you expect Him to dwell in a sinful environment?

BE MEEK: Meekness is dancing like king David [2 Samuel:20-22]-“Let them praise Him in the dance…He will beautify the meek[dancing SOLDIERlously] with salvation[general deliverance+grace]”{Psalms 149:3-4}

BE THANKFUL: “Enter into His gate with thanksgiving and into His court with praise”{Psalms 100:4}. God doesn’t stay at the gate but before you get to the court where He stays, you need to cross the gate.

BE JOYFUL: In the presence of God, there is fullness of joy.

BE EXPECTANT: Praise is the plural of pray so expect something.


What The Word Is

There are scriptures in the bible that would help us in getting an in-depth look at what The Word really is and I shall showing them to you via this post.
So what is The Word?
TRUTH: “…thy word is truth”{Jo
hn17:17} and “…the truth shall set you free”{John8:32}. When The Word is in you, you can never be under the devil’s oppression.

LIGHT:”Thy word is lamp unto my feet and light unto my path”{Psalms119:105}. Whenever light appears, darkness disappears.

SPIRIT: “…the words that I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life”{John 6:63}. A spirit is untouchable.

POWER:”Where the Word of a king is, there is power”{Ecclesiastes 8:4}.

A WEAPON: “For the Word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than a two edged sword…”{Hebrews4:23}

WISDOM:”The entrance of thy word giveth understanding”{Psalms 119:130}

A SEED: Remember the parable of the sower{Matthew 13:3-23} and that is why The Word produces different level of success in different individuals.

The list Goes on and on. Whenever you lay hold of The Word, anything that it represent begins to manifest in you. As you take that step of getting closer to the Word of God, I see your story changing. Please remember that it is not all about hearing but practicing also what has been commanded. God bless you.

How To Get And Grow Your Faith

STUDYING GOD’S WORD: Studying God’s word will always boost your faith as you will come across so many situations where people had been delivered from circumstances more severe than yours.

LOOKING UNTO CHRIST: “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him, endured the cross, despising the shame… lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds”[Hebrews 12:3]. This means emulating the level of patience exhibited by Christ and also setting your heart on the things you’re to gain if your faith impresses God.

BEING PRAYERFUL: The more you pray, the better your chances of getting prayer answers would be. Every prayer answer is a faith booster.

HEARING AND MEDITATING ON GOD’S WORD: The scriptures said, “faith cometh by hearing by the word of God”[Romans 10:17].

OBEYING GOD’S COMMANDMENTS:This is where the conscience based faith come into play. You can never be confident of
ing anything from God if do not obey his commandments.

TESTIMONIES: Testimonies, whether personal or from others are a sure way of getting and growing your faith. From experience, I’ve seen that testimonies are capable of reproducing its kind as I’ve seen persons testifying of how they got theirs testimonies by keying into a testimony they heard.

Please if you know of any other way if boosting ones faith, please drop it via the comment box. God bless you as you put these key ways of growing to work in
Jesus name. Amen.