Winning Faith

There is a huge difference between ordinary faith and a winning faith. Most individuals claim to possess faith but they end up not achieving anything meaningful with it. In this post, we shall considering two factors we can base our faith on so as to make it a winning one. They are conscience and action.

The scriptures says, ”let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need”.{Hebrews 4:6} You can never be bold without a clear conscience so, for your faith to be a winning one, you need to live a life that would never cause your heart to condemn you before God. Condemning yourself before God casts a form of doubt in your mind which makes you unstable and double minded-”let not the double minded think he shall receive anything of the Lord”{James 1:7}

was faith made perfect”.{James 2:22}The scriptures also said, “…faith without work is dead”. We are not justified(opposite of condemn) by faith alone but by the duo of works and faith. One thing is to believe while another is to put your faith to work. You might have all the faith in the world that you will pass your exams but if you do not put you faith to work by studying hard, you are always going to fail.

Example of people who put their faith to work are,

Abraham by moving away from his kindred and also agreeing
to sacrifice Isaac,

Jacob by serving for over 21years despite receiving special blessings from Isaac,

David by pulling the sling despite saying he came to fight in the name of God.

I hope this post would be helpful to you in your christian life. Please drop your comments and also share with your friends. God bless you.