How To Praise God Effectively

I know we all know what praise is and I Also want to believe that you know the various ways it can be done as I have recently come up with a post concerning that. In this post, I am going to be sharing with you some of the ways in which you can spice up your praises so as to make it effective and acceptable before God.

PRAISE GOD JOYFULLY: Praise is all about thanking and appreciating His deeds un your life and this makes it absolutely important for you to do it joyfully. You don’t aa
always have to praise God because you want to get the better of Him and even if you do, do not allow your problems get a better of you.
PRAISE HIM LIKE HE IS PHYSICALLY PRESENT: The way you appreciate someone who is physically present is always going to be different from how would do it when that person isn’t there with you. When David danced, he did it as if God was there to watch him and by so doing, he never regarded the presence of any other person.

PRAISE WITH THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE: When the purpose of anything isn’t known, abuse comes into play. You might end up the worst praiser even when you’re the best singer or dancer. This only happens when your heart is not aligned properly on your purpose for doing what you’re doing. Some persons either sing or dance in order to gain attention or for personal improvement- that isn’t praise and would never be. The ability to praise with the right frame of mind and purpose is what turns the worst singer with the corkiest of voices the best praiser.

PRAISE IN PURITY: Whenever you praise God, He comes down to take all the glory you’re ascribing unto Him because He doesn’t share His glory with any man or any angel. For this, you ought to be pure and righteous so that God can easily get closer to you.


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