Benefits Of Having Spiritual Gifts

Have you ever thought of the benefits you tend to enjoy when you spiritual gifts? Have you ever reasoned whether the benefits of having spiritual gifts are only spiritually driven? I have to share this benefits with you to enable you answer every question you have based on spiritual gifts. The benefits of having spiritual gifts are:

Spiritual gifts has the ability of distinguishing you from others and also from who you were to who you are currently. When the spirit in Elijah rested on Elishah, everyone noticed the difference. Also when the spirit of God came upon Saul, everyone said, ‘…Is Saul also among the prophets?'[ 1 Samuel 10:12]. When the spirit of God came upon the apostles, they became dynamic. Due to the spirit of God in the life of Daniel, ‘he was found ten times better than all the magicians & astrologers that were in the realm'[Daniel 1:20].

Christianity without spiritual gifts is always boring and it brings about frustrations and backsliding but when you have spiritual gifts, you are being encouraged to do more in order to get more and become better.

Having spiritual gifts puts you in the position of walking with God.

YOU BECOME USEFUL: Everyone wants to be and also enjoys being useful in any environment. Just as the hand need the mouth to feed and the leg to walk because it can’t do all these alone, so also anyone with a spiritual gift becomes useful in the church. You might be gifted to lead, teach, prophecy, interpret tongues etc. Your usefulness doesn’t end in the church. Daniel was useful as a politician to different regimes of government because of the gift of wisdom in him. Joseph was also useful to the entire world during the time of famine due to the spiritual gifts in him.

IT BRINGS ABOUT FRUITFULNESS: When you pray in tongues[a spiritual gift] you get more results. Daniel, Joseph, all the apostles, etc were all fruitful and productive due to the spiritual gifts they had.

CREDIBILITY: Without spiritual gifts, it becomes very difficult for people to accept you as a born-again christian or even as a pastor. People want to see you prophesy, perform miracles, etc

FULFILMENT OF DESTINY: Everyone want to become successful in life. Due to the spiritual gift of wisdom, Daniel was a successful scholar and also a politician, Joseph realised his dreams due to the spiritual gift in him.

I hope this post was helpful. Please feel free to ask questions and also contribute via the comment box. Thanks


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