Benefits Of Fasting

Most christians usually find it very difficult to fast due to one reason or the other and this might lead to severe consequences. People attach so much importance to food and this is the major reason why people do not fast.

Whenever you decide to fast, you won’t go hungry because God automatically feeds you.

In this post, I shall be sharing some of the many benefits of fasting with you. The benefits of fasting are:
DIVINE POWER: The difference between christianity and other religion is power and as such, fasting is a very important exercise for all christian as you can receive all the power you need through fasting. Despite being send on a divine mission by God, our Lord Jesus Christ fasted before the full dose of power was released to Him. Also, His disciples fasted and prayed before power was released unto them on the day of pentecost. With divine power, you gain dominion over every form of satanic oppression, sickness etc.

BOLDNESS: After the apostles fasted and prayed, the spirit of boldness was released unto them. Immediately they received the spirit of boldness, Peter who couldn’t confess Jesus Christ in front of a little girl became bold enough to speak to over three thousand persons.

GRACE: The bible recorded, ‘…with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and Great Grace was upon them all'[Acts 4:33]. With fasting and prayer, God’s grace would be exceedingly abundant for you. Everyone needs God’s grace to succeed spiritually and otherwise. God’s grace is all about divine favour. When God favours you, everyone automatically favours you and with favour, you gain access to things you can’t ordinarily access. In the scriptures, Esther said, ‘Go gather together and fast for me…'[Esther 4:16] and due to the fast, ‘…when the king saw Esther the queen standing in the court, she obtained favour in his sight…'[Esther 5:2]

I hope this post has helped you in figuring out some of the benefits of fasting. Please if you know of any other benefit, please drop them via the comment box. Thanks and God bless you.


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