Provoking God’s Rememberance

When the king remembered, his life change. Everybody wants to be remembered for good at all times because it brings about a change of status. One of the men that was remembered by God is the man named Cornelius. ‘…thy prayers and thy alms are come up for a memorial before God'[Acts 10:4]. The life of Cornelius and his household changed immediately God remembered him for his good deeds. God didn’t remember him just because He wanted to do so but He remembered him because of some certain special qualities that were found in him. Anyone who wants to be remembered by God can easily practice them and be remembered just as Cornelius was remembered. These qualities are:
PRAYING CONSTANTLY: So many christians are extremely weak in prayer and this always affects the level of results they get. Praying constantly will always provoke God’s attention to be turned to your direction and when this happens, He will send you your angel in due season.

FEARING GOD: From the scriptures, we learn that Cornelius was a man who feared God and this was one of the reasons why he was remembered. For God to hear you when you pray, you need to fear Him. Fearing Him, is all about having His own will for your life as your priority and also keeping His commandments at all times.

BEING DEVOTED: When you work diligently for God, He will also remember you for it. There are so many ways of working for God. You can preach His word, belong to a church service unit etc. Being devoted, also implies that you should be a complete christian in terms of how you dress, talk, behave etc.

GIVING: Giving is another good way of enforcing God’s rememberance. When you give to the poor, pay your tithe and your offerings faithfully, he will always remember you and bless you accordingly in due season.

I hope all these would help you in your life as a christian. Please if you have any other, please add via the comment box.