A businessman is someone who engages in any productive activity with the aim of making profit at the end. Examples of businessmen are students, doctors, teachers etc. Job was a successful businessman and as the scriptures said, ‘…he was the greatest of all the men of the east'[Job 1:3]. In this post, I shall be giving you 5 qualities he had that made God bless in mightily. Anyone who wants to be like him, has to put on these qualities.They are:
BE UPRIGHT: From the scriptures, we see that Job was upright and steadfast even when temptations came his way. Most people do give up their righteousness when faced with temptations but Job never did. Instead, he said, ‘My righteousness, I hold fast, and will not let go'[Job 27:6].

SERVE GOD: Serving God is real business and it pays greatly. Job serve God faithfully and he was rewarded for it. Serving God is not by force, it’s only a matter of choice. There are so many ways of serving God. Firstly, you have to serve as the GOD who HE is


. Then you can serve Him with your substance, practically by belonging to church service units, evangelism etc. You can also serve Him spiritually by praying for the church.

OVERCOME PEER PRESSURE: Your peers are always there to influence your own inclinations. Some peers would lead yout to God while others would lead you to hell just like Job’s. His wife said, ‘…curse God and die'[Job 2:9] but he refused. His friends also tried to make him hopeless and also discourage him from trusting in God but he was never moved by their vain words.

HAVE INTEGRITY: These days, seeing people with integrity isn’t common. Job had integrity in his days- ‘Let me be weighed on an even balance that God may know my integrity…'[Job 31:6-40]. Your integrity, is your password for telling God why He should do something for you. Imagine being the only individual with integrity in your field, it gives you an edge over all your rivals. These days, only individuals, companies and organisations who preserve their integrity do succeed in their field.

FEAR GOD: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. When Job was discussing with his friends, he was able to figure out all the deceitful words spoken by them. To excel in your business you need to be wiser than your rivals because wisdom brings about ideas that would make you excel and make the right choices. When you fear God, you wont be involved in any form of dishonest act.


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