Abraham- A Great Man
Abraham- A Great Man
Abraham is being celebrated all over the world by all christians because he was a great man. Although he died many years ago but his riches still speaks-on till now and that’s why many of us wants to be like him. Many people do believe that the rich don’t go to heaven but Abraham went to heaven as a rich man and he’s still living as a rich man there. A poor man on earth would remain a poor man in heaven just like Lazarus whose earthly poverty deprived him from having his own house hence he had to live in Abraham’s bosom. In this post, I shall be telling you 7 of the many qualities Abraham had that made him a great man. These qualities can be exhibitted by anyone and also end up like Abraham. To be like him,
HAVE FAITH: He always believed all that God said to him despite what the reality projected. According to the scriptures, he never doubted he could bear a son even at old age.

LIVE RIGHTEOUSLY: He was referred to as a friend of God because of his righteous lifestyle. The scriptures recorded, ‘And he believed in the Lord: and it was counted to him for righteousness'[Genesis 15:6].

GIVE CHEERFULLY: He was always ready to give unto God as he always sacrificed wholeheartedly. Some might say he had in excess and that’s why he sacrificed much but do not forget that he almost sacrificed his son.

SERVE GOD: The scriptures said, ‘For He remembered His only promise, and Abraham His servant'[Psalm105:42]. He was always ready to serve God at all times despite how rich he was and he was rewarded for it.

BE A TITHER: The scriptures said, ‘…and he paid tithe of all'[Genesis 14:20]. When you pay your tithe correctly, God blesses you as He has said,’Bring ye all the tithe into the storehouse…and prove me herewith,…,if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it'[Malachi 3:10].

BE OBEDIENT: He always obeyed the voice of God throughout his life even when it was difficult to do so. Even if God doesn’t speak directly to you, obey your elders and pastors.

HAVE INTEGRITY: Abraham had integrity in being faithful, a tither, obedient etc. Your integrity is always connected with your reputation. He also proved his financial integrity when he said to the king of Sodom,’…lest thou should say I have made Abraham rich'[Genesis 14:23]. You too can preserve financial integrity by not taking part in bribery, theft etc


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