We all know what it means to forgive as this is not the first time you are coming across this word. In the bible, forgiveness means to have mercy on someone. There are so many things that happen when you forgive and this post contains only 6 of them. When you forgive,

GOD FORGIVES YOU: God would never forgive you your trespasses when you fail to forgive others. Jesus mentioned this when He was teaching His disciples how to pray- ‘But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your father forgive your trespasses'[Matthew 6:15] and also ‘Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy'[Matthew 5:7].

GOD HEARS YOU: God either hears you when you pray or when you praise and for Him to hear you, you need to forgive everyone that has offended you. The bible says ‘Grudge not against one another brethren, kept ye be condemned, behold the judge standeth at the door'[James 5:9] and also, ‘Leave thy gifts at the altar and go thy way first and be reconciled with your brother and then come and offer your gift'[Matthew 5: 24]. Gift here also means praising and thanking God.

YOU GET DIVINE HEALING: When Jesus was reproved by the scribes He said unto them, ‘whether is it easier to say to the sick…your sins are forgiven thee; or to say, arise and take up thy bed and walk?'[Mark 2:9]. This means that for you to get healed your sins have to be forgiven and for your sins to be forgiven, you have to forgive others.There are also many instances in the bible where the sick asked for mercy in order to get healed.

YOU ARE FORGIVEN BY OTHERS: ‘Therefore all things whatsoever ye would have men do to you, do ye even unto them…'[Matthew 7:12]. You never can tell how many people you have offended because you can never please everyone. So, if you want to be forgiven, start by forgiving others.

YOU DELIVER YOURSELF: Vengeance is of the lord and the best thing to do always, is to forgive your enemies and by so doing ‘thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head'[Romans 12:20]. Just try to imagine what would happen when your enemies forgive you but you fail to forgive them.

YOU FIND JOY: Whenever you forgive, you become joyful and free from devil’s oppression because each time you see an enemy, you tend to loose your joy. If you want to be more joyful in life, forgive more and keep less enemies



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