In the new testament Jesus thought us how to pray – from one stage to another. ‘After this manner pray ye…’ [Matthew 6:9]. In the Lord’s prayer, there are 5 different stages and this post tells you some things you need to know about them.

ACKNOWLEDGE GOD’S PRESSENCE: This should be the first item in your prayer. Acknowledge His pressence, His greatness, and everything you know about Him. Call Him sweet names, thank Him for what He has done and what he is about to do. I want you to put yourself in God’s shoes now, if two people were to come to you for something and the first comes with a long face and starts complaining right away- lord, i am hungry just because you haven’t given me anything to eat for the past one month. I want new clothes, a new phone, a plot of land, a good car and i also want to be the president of my country- I wonder what your reaction would be to this if you were God. Consider how the second person goeth about his asking- God I worship you because you are a very faithful God, for the past one month, you never allowed anything to hurt me, I thank you because you remain who you are regardless of what we say or do- I know if you were God, you would be forced to ask- what would you have me do for you? That’s an open cheque and it’s just left for you to sign wisely and get whatever you need.

PRAY FOR GOD’S KINGDOM: The second item in your prayer should be this and it’s all about praying for the church and for sinners to repent for the bible says ‘seek ye first his kingdom… and every other thing shall be added unto you’ [Matthew 6:33]. You have to pray for church growth, the needs of every of your church members and all christians. You should also pray for sinners so that they can repent.

YOUR NEEDS: This is our main purpose of praying and that’s why many people decide to make it the first thing they pray for and at times it becomes the only thing they pray for. God would only answer you when you pray for your needs. Always remember that you needs are not your wants.

FORGIVENESS OF SINS: Sin is one thing that separates us from God. The importance of purity can’t be over-emphasized as God only answers the prayer of those that pleases Him. One of the ways you can please God is through purity.

RETURN HIS GLORY TO HIM: Yours prayers should end with thanksgiving. Your thanks should be mainly for prayer answers as this is a way of confessing your faith in Him and it’s also a sign of gratitude and humility.


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