Jesus is Still Calling on You

In Life, success is not for the fastest runners, neither is it for the biggest brains because there are so many brains out there whose efforts all end up in the drain. There are lots of hardworking people out there who just can’t get out of their hard lives. The situation getting worse with no hope for a better tomorrow. Trying everything that comes their way with nothing to show for it.

A Life without is vision is like a television where you just watch others making waves, and enjoying the good things of life without you being an active part of it.

You may be succeeding already but there is a realm called the sweatless realm of success where doors open up to you without knocking on them. You may be making it big in life but money can’t buy you joy because joy is not happiness. Money can’t buy you sound health or longlife, if you think otherwise, ask Michael Jackson’s family.

You may have it all now but think of when the world shall end. Would you make it to heaven or…?

Please give Jesus a place in your life. He is all you need to meet all your needs. The gift of salvation is a comprehensive package. It comes with boldness, clear conscience, prosperity, longlife, divine health, divine provision, eternal life etc.

Just try Jesus for a week and you will see the changes in your life. If you know of any true christian whose life is nothing to write home about, then something must be missing in that person. Christianity is personal adventure. The best way of knowing God is by going to see for yourself.

This blog is here to guide you so feel free to contact me for anything bothering you. God bless you